Kitting and Assembly Services

NORESS Corporation offers a wide array of advanced kitting and assembly options. Many companies tend to use kitting and assembly to streamline their inventory. This type of order fulfillment regulates inventory levels on necessary parts required for final product completion. It is also beneficial because this practice saves valuable warehouse space by reducing excess packaging for individual items. In addition, kitting & assembly saves handling time on the final building of retail products. This is a result of the easier access of items for assembly. Companies can also expect quality control verification on production when using this method.

Our hand assembly options, semi automatic packaging and ample warehouse space allows us to combine your company’s products into raw or retail finish kits. All the while, we provide fast execution of the distribution of these products.


  • hand assembly
  • high-speed paper counting
  • high-speed collating
  • point of purchase (P.O.P) kits
  • wholesale inventory and retail kits

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