Our Process

1. Order Fulfillment:

However your company chooses to relay orders, Noress Corp receives and processes orders in a timely manner.

2. Warehousing and Inventory Management:

No need to deal with the hassle of multiple contractors – NORESS can handle your production process from start to finish, and even manage your product post-production. NORESS Corporation offers top-of-the-line warehousing solutions to each of our customers.  Post-production, we can offer the facilities to store your product in order to most effectively optimize your industrial supply chain. In maintaining our transparency and free-flowing communication with our clients, we are available to provide you with any inventory information you may need during the time that your product is stocked with us. We can quickly begin to organize the shipment and transportation of your products to your facilities, customers, or stores.

3. Assembly

 Offering a wide array of advanced kitting and assembly options. Many companies tend to use kitting and assembly to streamline their inventory. Our hand assembly options, semi-automatic packaging and ample warehouse space allows us to combine your company’s products into raw or retail finish kits.  Our kitting and assembly processes include poly-bagging, cut off/band sealing, hand assembly, high-speed collating, custom sewing, and specialty graphic printing.

4. Packaging:

 Packaging is the most important detail of your product.  It can make or break your sales. Your business may create the best product for your industry, but if the design, construction and care of its encasing does not reflect the quality of your product, then doubt will enter the consumers mind. NORESS Corporation understands that presentation is vital to the success of any product. Some of our packaging capabilities include; sonic welding, high-speed shrink-wrapping, strapping, labeling/label making, white room packaging, and blister packaging

5. Distribution:

Distribution is a critical element for the success for our clients and their products. NORESS Corporation is vastly experienced in shipping and distribution, routing goods, and drop shipping to merchants and retail chains, such as Staples, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Amazon. Whether your company is looking for retail distribution, warehouse delivery, drop shipping or individual recipient Noress Corp can handle all of your distribution needs.