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Four Benefits of Shrink-Wrapping Your Products

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When it comes to product packaging, companies spend countless hours perfecting an eye-catching, attention-holding design for their product – as they should. A great design suited to target the product’s audience is essential if you want to see it fly off the shelves. But, you have to make sure it gets on the shelves, first. Quality wrapping material to ensure the safe shipment of your product is just as essential as the packaging design itself. When looking into packaging your product, consider shrink-wrapping as one of your major options for the following reasons:


The shrink-wrapping process is simple and universal. To understand this benefit, one must understand the shrink-wrapping process. We first wrap he product in a thin, plastic film. Then, with the application of heat, the plastic shrinks down to securely seal the product. When it comes to shrink-wrapping, you can know with certainty that it will fit any and all of your products. This factor holds true regardless of size and shape.


Shrink-wrap is generally recyclable, making it a very appealing option if you are an environmentally conscious company. This factor can also make a product into a more attractive option for certain buyers. Some consumers opt for products with eco-friendly packaging that they can then recycle. They may choose your recyclable product over a non-recyclable competitor, just based on that factor alone.


Generally speaking, shrink-wrapping is less expensive than other prominent packaging alternatives. The process also raises a company’s bottom line due to the fact that its durability decreases the percentage of damaged goods. In addition, shrink-wrapped products take up far less room in warehouses, factories, and in shipping than those packaged with alternative methods, again proving its cost-effectiveness.


The plastic film used in shrink-wrapping is very durable, guaranteeing the protection of your product from any type of soiling or moisture. The plastic is difficult to damage, especially after being shrunk down and sealed tightly onto a product. Its durability is a great benefit for companies who will be shipping their products to stores or customers.

It’s important to remember that each packaging type has its benefits for specific products. However, you can count on the fact that shrink-wrapping can get the job done to you and your customer’s satisfaction for a vast majority, if not all, of your products. For more information please feel free to reach out at (508) 765-6608, or visit our contact page.