Assembly, Packaging & Fulfillment Solutions

NORESS Corporation provides full turn-key sub-contract assembly, packaging & fulfillment services. New England and New York businesses  can expect entirely integrated solutions, custom-fit your needs.  Continue reading to learn more about each of the comprehensive services available to you.

Kitting and Assembly

NORESS Corporation offers a wide array of advanced kitting and assembly options. Many companies use kitting and assembly to streamline their inventory.  This type of order fulfillment regulates inventory levels on necessary parts required for final completion.  It’s also beneficial because it saves valuable warehouse space by reducing excess packaging for individual items. Kitting & assembly saves handling time on the final building of retail products. This is a result of being able to access items for assembly easier. It also provides quality control verification on production.

Our hand assembly options, semi automatic packaging and ample warehouse space allows us to combine your company’s products into raw or retail finish kits.  All the while, we provide fast execution of distribution.

Our kitting & assembly services include:


Packaging is the final detail of your product that will make or break your sales. Your business may create the best product for your industry, but if the design, construction and care of the packaging do not reflect the quality of your product, you wont’ see the results you desire. NORESS Corporation understands that presentation is vital to the success of any product.

From entrepreneurs who need consultation on how to effectively and affordably display their product, to the industry leaders of the world, NORESS Corporation offers state of the art packaging machinery and flexible, skilled labor to complete your businesses packaging needs professionally and with a timely turn around.

  • Blister packaging
  • High-speed shrink wrapping
  • Poly bagging
  • Band sealing
  • Sonic welding
  • Strapping
  • White room packaging

Fulfillment & Distribution

NORESS Corporation offers efficient, accurate, and timely pick and pack fulfillment and distribution services.  These critical elements of the success for our clients.

Businesses in New England and New York have easy access to our fulfillment and distribution facility. The center’s design creates a consistent yet seamless environment, yet at the same time, its flexibility makes it easier for your business to experience the growth it desires.

NORESS Corporation recognizes the importance of your B2B relationships.  We understand that they will strengthen when you can trust that your product will be delivered with the highest of quality.  With only this, you will be able to exceed the expectations of your partnerships.

We aim to work closely with each of our clients.  Clients can expect us to keep communication lines open and pay attention to their critical timelines and priorities.

Your success will build our success, and we accept that challenge.

Our fulfillment & distribution services include:

  • NORESS Corporation can ensure that our customized and flexible pick & pack solutions will fit your needs.
  • We can handle any of your shipping needs direct from our facilities.  We accommodate drop-ship/DSD, warehouse delivery, or individual recipient.
  • Wherever they will be sold, we can arrange for the post-production retail distribution of your products.


In addition to assembly, packaging & fulfillment services for companies in New England and New York, NORESS Corporation can also offer:

  • Storage
  • Trucking